Nine Steps To Owning A Home In Grayson County Texas

Dated: March 25 2021

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Nine Steps To Owning A Home In Grayson County Texas

With some planning ahead of time, buying a home isn’t very difficult, but the event intimidates a lot of people. 

So you’ll understand exactly what to expect,  we like to give my buyers a road map of the whole deal. 

Below are our nine steps to buying a home. 

1. Get ready to buy there are a lot of things you should contemplate before starting your home search. 

When you begin your search, you’ll probably want to make an outline of features you want to have, get a feel for what school districts and neighborhoods you’d like to live in, and begin planning around your budget. Image title

Keeping your mortgage payment less than or around a third of your monthly income is a good rule to adhere to

2. Speak with a real estate agent in your city. 

This is where we come in. We would be happy to schedule a time to meet with you and speak with you about your real estate needs and gets an idea of your upcoming plans. 

We’ll talk about everything from neighborhoods, school districts in the area, the mortgage and housing industries, to any other economic factors that could affect your buying decision today or in the future. 

We can also assist you in getting started on your loan. We partner with some of the best mortgage professionals, so you’ll be in great hands. 

They’ll assist you with choosing which kind of loan is best for you and help you get qualified.

3. Begin looking.

After our initial meeting

We will start finding available houses on the market that is great for you. 

We will preview many of the homes and ignore the duds, and then we’ll schedule appointments to view thehomes whenever it’s most convenient for you. 

As we view houses, Iwe will call attention to positive features, as well as bad ones. We will even ask you about things you like and don’t like. 

For, the most part, buyers revise their list of must-haves as we view homesand some features become more crucial than others. 

If that’s the situation, we will search the listings another time and narrow it down tothe house you’ve been waiting for.

4. Get a feel for the market 

An agent’s awareness of the local housing market is an essential element in your home search. 

We will assure you we are informed of all the neighborhoods and schools, and we will let you know some areas are“hot” and require prompt action and the others that are “cool” and allow for more examination. 

As we tour homes, we will be sure to tell you if the seller’s list price hasroom for bargaining or if we  believe the home is “priced to sell.” 

When working with an agent, trust your instincts, and be sure to ask plenty of questions. 

Every real estate agent will convince you they know the market. If things don’t add up, you can always contact me, andwe would be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Our market knowledge will help you stay a step ahead through the entire deal.

5. Find the home you have been waiting for 

We are confident we’ll find the house of your dreams. 

When we do, we will precisely create your real estate purchase offer. 

The offer will be tailored keeping your needs in mind, including some contingencies. 

A few examples are acquiring financing, carrying out the home inspection, and a clean title. 

When turning in your purchase offer, you’ll likely want to submit “earnest money.” 

This is a cash deposit made to a home seller to secure an offer to purchase the property and is often put towards the cost ofclosing.

 If your offer is accepted, we should close within 30 to 60 days afterward. 

This allows ample time for your mortgage financing. 

6. Negotiate the deal 

Most deals don’t close on the beginning offer, and it’s very commonto receive a counter offer. 

But don’t let this intimidate you. We will review the counteroffer with you, you can then consider whether or not to consent to the counteroffer, submit a new counteroffer, or reject the seller’s offer and go on. 

Market circumstances will play a large role in how aggressively to negotiate the contract. In addition, we’ll work within your budget. 

When it’s all said and done, we’ll compose a contract that workswell for you.

7. Get your loan 

Credit Score may determine loan type

Once the final sales contract is executed, you’ll begin working with yourmortgage lender to close the loan. 

The sales contract will be sent to the loan officer, title company.  You will have already spoken to the loan officer at this point. This process has allowed the Realtor to write the offer up to meet your loan type requirements. 

Depending on the loan program such as FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional each one is different and requires a different approach to presenting an offer. 

8. Close the deal 

Closing on the house to make a home is getting closer. 

The home inspection has been ordered and reviewed. If there were any repairs that needed to be negotiated this will have been presented to the seller. 

The appraisal has been ordered by the lender. At this point, it is awaiting a timeframe to receive this report for the value to be proven by an independent appraisal person. Once the appraisal has arrived and the value is met, your lender will begin ordering final closing documents. 

Watch your email closely as you will be signing closing disclosures that must be signed within a specific time frame.  Once these forms are signed the close date and time will be set at the title company.  You are just about there. 

Please remember that this is not a done deal until the words CLOSED AND FUNDED  are stated do not go out and make any big purchases before close and funding have occurred.  Please discuss this with your lender to ensure you are meeting the needed requirements.

One can be very disappointed when your credit is pulled right before close and there was a purchase made that now changed your debt to income ratio. 


You made it! It’s time to move into your new place. 

Enjoy it. Making your new house feel like it’s truly yourhome is one of the most exciting parts of the home buying experience.  Thank you for working with us we appreciate the opportunity to help you find a house to make a home

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