Making A Move With Fur Babies Lets Make The Move Together

Dated: 01/14/2020

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Moving day can be amazing and at the same time full of a bunch of things to do. Sometimes moving day can make our little ones with fur a bit uneasy and feel like hmmm what the heck is going on. You know your precious little ones better than anyone does and understand that a brand new place to make the home can cause a bit of a stress factor.

We love our fur babies and as the special day arrives here are a few things to take into consideration to help the stress level of our precious little ones with four legs. OUR FUR BABIES.

Five items that just may make the move go off like a purrfect day in the park.

Champ and me

  1.  Take a few moments and call the Doc to see what he or she may have up their sleeve to help out with the transition to a new house to make a home. Something to help out with the stress of the move might just be the thing for your fur baby.

  2.         Once you arrive at your new home, and you have made sure that everything is all set up for your fur baby to have some time to explore the new pad and roam around some. Suggestion on this one as to not overwhelm one room at a time and maybe for just a short time frame. Help out a bit by showing your fur babies where things are at. Such as the food bowl and watering area. And if you have cats where the litter box is. Accidents might happen but that is only normal with all the changes that are happening in life. It takes a bit more time to go out with the fur babies but well worth it so they can better understand the boundary lines of the home.   And safety is so important.

  3.        Taking a walk with your pet will help in so many aspects. We all know how much they love to sniff and get to know all of the new things around them. This is also a great idea for you as well, get to know your neighbors and see who has fur babies just like you do. Do I see a fur baby playdate in the making here. Oh yes, I sure do.

  4.        Making a move with cats can be a tricky one for sure. But you know your sweet one better than anyone else does. Cats are very territorial and want to understand where home is and all the changes that come along with it. We use a carrier and keep them it in until we arrive at our new digs. Then when we get out we keep them in the crate until all the doors and windows are shut. Cats sometimes have this bright idea to just run. Allow them a bit of time to just get to know their new home.

  5.        Finding a new Vet can sometimes be a challenge but when you are out and about on your walk that we talked about earlier asking your neighbors who they use is a great way to find out who the local Vet is. Setting up an appointment to update all your fur babies' information to your new address. Making sure that they have all the required shots for the new area as well. 

Are you ready to make a move and find the perfect place to call home for you and your Fur Babies? We would be honored to help you out.

What can we do for you today?

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Purrfectly Positive Moove with your Fur Babies Bow Wow

Helping Real People Create Real Dreams. 

We are looking forward to working with you. Have a blessed day. 

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